There are tons of things to do around Florence, and we’ve pulled together a list of 102 of them!

Here are just a few:

#7 Discover the international flavors in dance, entertainment and food at the Arts International Festival in April.

#45 Ponder over the source of Carolina Bays – meteor showers, ancient aquatic animals, or just strong winds? These elliptical shallow ponds can be seen at Mars Bluff and Woods Bay State Park.

#64 Step back into the days of the War Between the States with the 23rd South Carolina Volunteer Infantry. Their annual reenactment is held in March at The Columns, the area’s only working historic plantation.

#76 Design your own progressive supper — tapas at Victors, ginger salmon at Starfire Grill, and pecan danish at Rebel Pie.

Check out the full list!