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Just east of Florence, in the area surrounding Francis Marion University, is Mars Bluff, which provides an unique perspective of African-American heritage in our region.

When you visit Francis Marion University, be sure to stop by the hand-hewn cabins (ca. 1836) which were built and occupied by enslaved African Americans and which later housed emancipated slaves as they worked the area farms.

Following the oral history tradition, the information provided in the brochure “South Carolina’s African-American Sites at Mars Bluff” and the book by the same name was gathered by Amelia Vernon Wallace. Her discussions with Archie Waiters, the grandson of slave Alex Gregg (1844-1938), are a valuable record of our African-American heritage. The brochure and book are both available at the Florence Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Hewn-Timber Cabins
Francis Marion University
Wallace Woods Road
Florence, SC 29506
(843) 661-1300