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ArtFields: The South’s Most Engaging Arts Fest

Each Spring, ArtFields in Lake City, SC creates an incredible amount of artistic energy, bringing more than 400 pieces of artwork to a city of less than 7000 residents. The artwork fills the arts venues shops in the downtown.  What’s the greatest part? Spectators to Lake City get to decide on the prize-winning pieces.  The winners can be found on the ArtFields site.

There was a great representation by Florence County artists in the competition:

Colleen Critcher, “The Daydream”

Robert Garey, “The Golden Apple”

Stephen Gately, “Flow Triptych”

Donna Goodman, “Good to the Last Drop”

Paolo Andre Gualdi, “Road to Nowhere”

Douglas Gray, “Origami Float”

Mary Judge, “Glorious Spam”

Emil Leum, “Healing Waters No. 11”

Celeste Malin, “Bound by Freedom”

Christopher Neal, “Milky Way Dawn”

Elizabeth Odom, “Pieces Quilted”

Jena Sallenger, “Wavy Glass”

Kevin Spaulding, “The Sacrifice” (Winner in the Painting Category”

Jim Stratton, “Poverty at Rest”