Full life. Full forward.
As Florence Mayor Stephen J. Wukela said with optimism four years ago during his State of the City address, Florence is in a state of a renaissance.
“Our union is not a facade of smiles that conceal real differences; but, rather, the durable product of hard negotiation and true compromise motivated by practical realism and a singular goal. We have turned the force of this efficient and urgent pragmatism toward the critical task of rebuilding our City,” Wukela said in 2013.
Continuing downtown revitalization, decreasing crime, and investing in infrastructure advances at a steadfast pace.

“Over the last four years, more than $150 million has been invested in downtown Florence,” Wukela said at the recent Greater Florence Chamber of Commerce’s spring outlook luncheon. “What was said four years ago with hopeful optimism can now be said with conviction. We are in a renaissance.”
Our quality of life continues to build, as well. From National Recreation Trail following the scenic Lynches River to Broadway musicals, concerts, and plays to culinary trails dedicated to the pecan as well as the SC Pecan Festival, the momentum Florence has and continues to develop is part of what makes life full forward here. We’re progressive people living our lives fully in a city that represents us well.


Full Life. Full Forward. (Florence SC Brand Anthem)
Full Life. Full Forward,
Florence is the place to be.
Full Life. Full Forward,
The Pulse of the Pee Dee.

(Verse 1)
Building our community, in action and in mind,
Helping out together, a community you’ll find.
From Cherokee to Dargan, people with a givin’ hand,
Doing what it takes and keeping with a plan.

(Verse 2)
There’s a child in school, saying yes I can,
There’s a teacher right behind them giving them a hand.
There’s a man and his wife, son and daughter who,
Live the Florence Full Life with friends and neighbors, too.

(Verse 3)
Bringing folks together, keeping great ideas alive,
A spirit for the future, that no one can deny.
There’s fullness and a goodness found here in SC
Right here in Florence, a good place to live and breathe.

Visitor Information

Toll Free: (800) 325-9005
Phone: (843) 664-0330

Visitor Information Center

3290 W. Radio Drive
Florence Civic Center Upper Level
Florence, SC 29501

Daily 9am - 5pm



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