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Dr. R. N. Beck has become a permanent resident of downtown Florence, with a statue of him assisting a young boy standing at the entrance to the Luther F. Carter Center for Health Science building. Alex Palkovich created this sculpture, commissioned by Francis Marion University, intending to sculpt only Dr. Beck, the first African American physician to have admittance privileges to a white hospital. However, in adding the young boy standing on the chair, Palkovich brought the physician to life, caring for his patient. The scene is taken from Palkovich’s childhood memories of visiting a doctor.

The models for this sculpture were Dr. Allie Brooks and 6-year-old Caleb Johnson.

The statue of the young boy called “I’m Tall” can also be seen in the permanent collection of Brookgreen Garden in the Garden Room for Children.

Dr. R. N. Beck statue
Luther F. Carter Center for Health Sciences
200 West Evans Street
Florence, SC 29501

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