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The center memorial of the Florence Veterans Park is the three-pillar obelisk with eagle. It was co-designed by Alex Palkovich and Brown Memorials, and it was installed in 2008 as the first memorial in the veterans park. The 30-foot tall monument features an American Bald Eagle, designed and sculpted in bronze by Palkovich. Bronze medallions representing all six branches of the US military complete the memorial. It was awarded the 2009 International Award for Public/Civic Memorial category at the annual conference of the American Institute of Commemorative Art.

Palkovich notes that the center of the memorial serves as a meditation chamber. When you stand in the center of the pillars, the eagle seems to be landing.

Note: Eagle #2 can be found in Lake City. It was installed at a lower height, and it showcases the intricate work of the artist.

Eagle Obelisk
Florence Veterans Park
Woody Jones Blvd.
Florence, SC
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