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University Place Gallery will host two solo exhibitions which explore the natural world from two different perspectives. Artists Daniel Kariko and Michael Cassidy

Photographer Daniel Kariko presents an extensive group of images of insects in large format archival inkjet prints with Suburban Symbiosis: Insectum domesticus. These images were made using a Scanning Electron Microscope and optical Stereo Microscope to reveal the beautiful details of small creatures who are mostly overlooked on a daily basis. The result of his photographic method achieves a stunning “portrait”-like effect inspired by the tradition of 17th Century Dutch Masters. Each of the insects appearing in this exhibition were obtained by the artist at either his home or workplace. The body of work intends to shed light on the environmental impact of the increasing human occupation of traditional insect habitats.

Michael Cassidy’s exhibition, A Stillness, is a group of traditional, yet contemporary oil paintings which range in size. The works document the beauty of flora and fauna the artist finds close to his home in West Columbia, South Carolina. Each painting is impeccably crafted and meant to reflect a beauty found only in the wild; one that is capable of inspiring creativity and wonder. Delicate images of flowers, wild grasses, and birds create a quiet space for the viewer to reflect.

The exhibit is on display through June 18.

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