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Every Tuesday evening in October and November, from 5 to 7:30 p.m., enjoy supper and an introductory class to gardening in southern climates.

The sign-up for all eight classes is 100 dollars or pick and choose individual classes for $15 per class. Master Gardeners receive a discounted rate of $12 for each class.

  • Oct. 4: Soil Basics: Improving and Managing Soil Fertility. Learn the key components of soil health, how to test your soil, and interpret soil results. In addition, learn the basics of composting, cover crops, vermiculture, and raised bed soil.
  • Oct. 11: Landscape Plant Care: Trees, Shrubs, and Flowers. Learn basic botany principles around annuals, perennials, woody shrubs, and trees. Learn common trees, shrubs, and flowers in southern landscapes. Learn planting, pruning, and maintenance needs for yard plants.
  • Oct. 18: Warm Season Lawns. Learn about the best warm-season lawns and how to establish and maintain a healthy southern lawn. Also included is how to identify problems and revive a declining lawn. Please bring pictures and lawn samples for personalized assistance.
  • Oct. 25: Weeds, Pests, and Diseases of the Southeast. Learn how to identify problems in the landscape, whether it be invasive plants, various pests, or diseases. Learn the principles of integrated pest management, how to proactively prevent problems in your landscape, and how to rectify them as needed.
  • Nov. 1: Cut Flower Gardens: Annuals and Perennials. A basic introduction to the best cutting flowers to add to a landscape for four-season interest and continuous blooms throughout the year. Learn the tips and tricks for good garden design principles, proper plant ratios, and choosing the best varieties. Also, information on maintaining and caring for annual and perennial flowering plants is provided.
  • Nov. 8: Outdoor Container Gardening. Introductory concepts to how to maintain an urban garden in pots and containers. The instructor will review soil needs, pot selection, and the best variety types for container gardens. Additional information will be provided on the long-term care of perennials and trees in pots. Information also will be provided on designing a beautiful seasonal porch container, how to grow crops in pots, and how to maintain raised veggie trugs and repurposed IBC water tanks.
  • Nov. 15: Edible Gardening Part 1: Fundamentals. Learn core concepts about building a vegetable patch, raised garden, to the long-term plot. Learn the key nutrients and care necessary for a successful edible garden. Learn what to grow, when, and the varieties and crops that grow best in the Pee Dee region.
  • Nov. 22: Edible Garden Part 2: Advanced. Learn key techniques to start seeds indoors, transplants, crop planning, season extension tools, and post-harvest handling for crop storage. In addition, learn to develop plant-specific pest control plans and advanced plant problem diagnosis.
You must pre-register. Register online: SouthernGardenBootcamp2022.eventbrite.com, or you can register via phone at 843-944-8582
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