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The Hyman Fine Arts Center Gallery presents Culture and Landscape: Photography by Peter Schmunk, January 8 through February 14.

Peter L. Schmunk has taught art history for thirty-one years at Wofford College in Spartanburg.  He is Garrison Professor of Humanities. He regularly teaches courses on Medieval, Baroque, and Nineteenth-Century Art, on the History of Architecture, and on Art Historiography.

Photography, for Peter, is an endeavor closely connected with travel and exploration of the world around. He is an avid hiker, backpacker, backroad driver, and international traveler.  He is constantly engaged by the challenge of interpreting visual experience in creative ways.

Peter has exhibited his work at a number of colleges, museums, and galleries. He has also published his images in a book on Spartanburg’s Cottonwood Trail. His current projects include the making of photographs based on concepts specific to music, a search for abstract images derived from industrial subject matter, and the development of multi-image and multi-media compositions.  This exhibition includes works that represent his engagement with both urban and wilderness subjects.

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