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Voluminous Care interrogates the process of caregiving.  In this moment of collective grief, what roles are we cast in?  Who decides?  Who is caring for the caregivers?  This exhibition and performance examines the spaces we hold and protect for grieving and caregiving in moments of prescribed isolation.  How do we feed the need for touch?  Brown looks at the spaces we create and hold sacred and considers the grieving space as a space not exclusively held for the consideration of loss and mourning but for the amplification of care and joy.

The exhibit will be on display from October 4-November 10.

Michaela Pilar Brown is an image and object maker. She studied sculpture and art history at Howard University, though she has always been a maker of things. Born in Bangor, Maine, and raised in Denver, Colorado, she cut her teeth in the halls of a museum where her mother worked as a security guard and has been immersed in the culture of objects, their making, and interpretation ever since.

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