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An exhibition of Art by William Henry Johnson and Holcha Krake Johnson is on display at Florence County Museum October 15, 2019 through May 17, 2020.
In 1928, Florence native William Henry Johnson met Danish textile artist Holcha Krake. It was a chance encounter which opened a new chapter in Johnson’s life, both personally and artistically. 
Johnson’s early artworks often evince his shifting nature, reflecting the influences of well established artists and styles of the time. However, after their marriage in 1930, Holcha became a constant in Johnson’s life. 
Holcha’s folk art philosophies were rooted in the past, but were shaped just as much by the progressive thinking of European modernism. By 1940 these principals had become a catalyst for Johnson’s own artistic transformation. 
Willie and Holcha presents for the first time, rare rediscovered works by Holcha Krake which have recently been acquired. This exhibition explores the mutual influence between these artists and invites a deeper interpretation of both Johnson and Holcha’s work in the context of their relationship.
For more information about Willie and Holcha as well as other upcoming exhibits and events, please contact the Florence County Museum at 843.676.1200 or visit the website at flocomuseum.org.
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