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The FMU Kassab Gallery is hosting an exhibit featuring artist Wolly V. McNair. His exhibit is entitled oncEmperors: Legends of the Ebony Empire. The exhibit is on display January 17-February 23.

“My name is Wolly McNair. I am a dad, husband, freelance illustrator, designer, and dreamer born in Lumberton, NC, raised in Charlotte, NC. I have always pushed for ownership in the things that I do. As a kid, I had the same dreams most have, become successful and take care of those I love. But the options to do so seemed limited. I was fortunate to be able to draw a little, and even more fortunate to have people around me that encouraged me to keep doing so. No one around me knew how to turn it into something that would pay the bills, but they knew I enjoyed it, and never knocked me for it. As I grew older, I begin to explore what could be done with art. Overtime, and thanks to people seeing something in me, I built relationships, started traveling, getting freelance and commission work, and after realizing I wasn’t going to fit the “norm” at the big companies at the time, (I came to this understanding after trying to get work, get published, etc and being turned down or told they weren’t sure how to market what we were doing), I continued doing what I was already doing…. building a name for myself on my own terms.”

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