Around here, we live for the roar of race car engines, squealing tires, and drivers. Darlington Raceway is just down the road, you know.

And if you’re into fast cars, be sure to watch the ninth season of FIREBALL RUN on Amazon Prime. The ninth season of FIREBALL RUN with a Space Race theme was filmed in Florence. The run is an adventure rally with more than 40 teams (two people in personal cars) competing against four international astronauts as they travel from Connecticut to Florida with film crews following close behind. (Speaking of fast cars, the season featured a Vector M12!)

FIREBALL RUN is a live-action adventurally® competition in a race to recover America’s missing children. Teams solved missions and earn points by visiting cities and completing several activities daily. These missions involved once-in-a-lifetime opportunities as well as timed events. Among the events included driving the Florence Police Department’s timed precision driving course, picking seeds out of cotton, fielding balls with professional baseball player Orlando Hudson and holding an atomic bomb fragment. Accurate and successful missions translated into more points for the teams – all to win a plastic road sign.

The finish line was held in downtown Florence. Activities included live music, kids activities with Science South and Lynches River Park staff, as well as free ice cream for children. Residents cheered on the participants, including four international astronauts, several TV celebrities, and our local team – Raldex Florence Strikes Back. Watch the Florence episodes streaming below or on Amazon Prime.