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Home Safe sculpture by Alex Palkovich denotes the emotional reunion of military personnel with their families. This sculpture originally included a small dog jumping to greet the soldier, along with the rest of the family. (See the image to the right.) Finding that it was distracting to the message, Palkovich removed the small terrier. In the Florence Veterans Park, you’ll find its replacement: a large and excited British Spaniel running to welcome the soldier home.

Palkovich recalls that a passerby called the police because he thought someone had left their bag at the statue. It was the bronze duffle bag that belongs to the soldier. The bag is especially realistic, as Palkovich made a cast for the hot wax process from an actual duffle bag stuffed with old shoes.

This sculpture was placed in the southern area of the park, surrounded by trellises. Debi Kalaritis and Rose Mary Parham modeled for the sculpture.

Home Safe
Florence Veterans Park
Woody Jones Blvd.
Florence, SC

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