HOT ROD Power Tour Rumbles into Darlington Raceway

“Riding along in my automobile/My baby beside me at the wheel/I stole a kiss at the turn of a mile/My curiosity runnin’ wild/Crusin’ and playin’ the radio/With no particular place to go”

— Chuck Berry song “No Particular Place to Go.”

The 24th annual HOT ROD Power Tour solves that problem Chuck, earmarking the Darlington Raceway as a stop June 13 from noon to 7 p.m. along the Tour’s seven-day, seven-city journey that could bring together more than 6,000 vehicles and 100,000+ spectators in what could be the largest traveling car show in the world!

The Darlington Raceway is continuing to serve as a rich community resource beyond NASCAR-sanctioned events, this time hosting the classic cars and hot rods that travel city to city, some of them over 1,300 miles, and others even from outside the country.

Here’s a look at the dates & venues on the tour:

Saturday, June 9 – Bowling Green, KY
Beech Bend Raceway Park

Sunday, June 10 – Chattanooga, TN

Monday, June 11 – Birmingham, AL
Hoover Metropolitan Stadium

Tuesday, June 12 – Hampton, GA
Atlanta Motor Speedway

Wednesday, June 13 – Darlington, SC
Darlington Raceway

Thursday, June 14 – Raleigh, NC

Friday, June 15 – Concord, NC
zMAX Dragway

Got a sweet ride that might impress? HOT ROD Power Tour welcomes all makes and models of hot rods, street rods, custom trucks, muscle cars, and performance machines of every vintage and nameplate. People interested in riding out can register now at

Such tours form their own kinds of communities, with people who travel the entire tour being known as “Long Haulers.” The 2018 HOT ROD Power Tour anticipates more than 2,500 long-haul vehicles and over 4,000 “Long Haulers” this time.

The 24th annual HOT ROD Power Tour will also feature:

  • Colorful mobile display rigs from more than 50 performance manufacturers and aftermarket specialists with the latest innovations (get expert advice too!)
  • Motorsports celebrities
  • Entertainment, games, and dozens of giveaways on the main stage

In addition to the festivities, the HOT ROD Power Tour brings with it impact to local economies. Hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, bars, gas stations, museums, local attractions, etc. will benefit as they play host to tour participants. The HOT ROD Power Tour annually attracts people who plan for months or even years to make the trip.

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