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The statue of Huey Cooper sits in the same spot that Huey occupied for years on end.  Huey, who said he’d been born in 1873, had been hit by a train, and he lived rent-free in a small building provided by the police department. To pass the time, he sat at the corner of Main Street and the railroad tracks with a rabbit’s foot. Locals would give Huey a nickel to rub his lucky rabbit’s foot, and Huey, in turn, would use that money to buy cigars and bottled Coca-Cola. If his birth year was correct, he was 105 years old when he passed away in 1978.

Lake City philanthropist Darla Moore commissioned the statue, wanting to continue the tradition of good luck. She provided Alex Palkovich with 15 minutes of description and two photos.  Palkovich incorporated a slit in Huey’s right-side pocket to collect coins, and the resonance of the dropping coins is great. Funds collected are passed to a police fund for the poor.

Eralphia “Jimmy” Eckles, Jr. modeled for Huey.

Corner of Acline and East Main Streets
Lake City, SC 29560

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