If you’re a Revolutionary War buff and/or nature enthusiast, you’ll feel right at home in Johnsonville! On the first Saturday of most months, the Artisan Outpost features local craftsmen selling their creations.

Johnsonville is a great place for a day trip, especially for paddlers. The Francis Marion statue at Venters Landing spotlights the location where the Swamp Fox took command of the Williamsburgh Militia in 1780, and it is the perfect put-in for boats. Kayak rental and guided expeditions are available. Following Lynches Scenic River to Snow’s Island and the Great Pee Dee provides a quiet paddling experience into the hideouts of General Francis Marion.

The SC Revolutionary Rivers are bordered by towering cypress and tupelo trees. Cypress trees often have “knees” surrounding them for buttressing in the swampy area while tupelo trunks are more stocky, making their stumps ideal for carving traditional serving bowls.

In the sand quarries near Johnsonville are ancient cypress carbon-dated from 25,000 to more than 45,000 years ago. The cypress logs measuring up to eight feet in diameter contain hundreds of annual growth rings, possibly providing clues of the occurrences during the most recent Ice Age.

Need help getting around on the water? Contact River Rat’s. After all that paddling, dine at Shady Rest Restaurant for delicious fried chicken and all the fixin’s.