SC Pecan Trail

Florence County Passport

What Exactly Is The SC Pecan Trail?

Started officially in 2017, the SC Pecan Trail highlights local restaurants and businesses that display pecans in food, crafts, and more. Following the trail through Florence County will be the tastiest trek you’ve ever made. From downtown Florence to the heart of Lake City, the SC Pecan Trail offers a little something for everyone.

How it Works


Visit stops along the South Carolina Pecan Trail and get your passport stamped when you stop in. You can also download our app HERE and check in digitally at each stop. The app keeps up with your progress for you!


Check in

Stop by the Florence Convention and Visitors Bureau to show your passport. If you haven’t had a chance to finish, no problem! We will give you your passport back to continue your tasty journey!

Collect Swag

A fully completed passport earns you a nutcracker, drawstring bag, T-shirt and pie plate. Swag also given when the trail is completed in increments.

SC Pecan Trail Participants

Local business is the heart of a community. We are so thankful to have many willing to participate in the Pecan Trail. Stop in and let these businesses know you’re following the trail. You can get your passport stamped and enjoy something special at each location.

The Lighter Side to the Pecan Trail

While the S.C. Pecan Trail has a great variety, sometimes you want to keep it light. The stops below can help!

The Swag

For every 6 stops completed on the SC Pecan Trail, earn a little pecan swag!

  • 6 Stops = Nutcracker
  • 12 Stops = Nutcracker + Drawstring Bag
  • 18 Stops = Nutcracker + Drawstring Bag + T-Shirt
  • 24 Stops = Nutcracker + Drawstring Bag + T-Shirt + Pie Plate

Ready to Start The SC Pecan Trail?


There are several ways to experience the SC Pecan Trail! We have an app you can download on Android or Apple devices that allows you to digitally check into stops and collect points to earn pecan swag. Next, you can print the passport at home and follow the trail starting at any stop or you are always welcome to come see us at the Visitors Center and grab a passport!

There's a App for that!

Images of phone screens showing the Visit Flo app

Print the Trail Passport

Stop by the Visitors Center

Florence Visitors Center


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