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Cooking with Kids


Including children in meal preparation provides a host of benefits: It discourages “picky eating” by engaging all the senses; vocabulary, nutrition and math concepts naturally unfold; and it helps cooking [...]

Cooking with Kids2019-12-20T14:03:11-05:00

Plant Id: Trees and Shrubs


Careful observation is key to identifying trees and shrubs. Characteristics of the location and terrain; flower; leaf or leaflet; bud and branch; fruit and more are all important to note [...]

Plant Id: Trees and Shrubs2019-12-20T13:59:17-05:00

Conifers of the Southeast


Often thought of as plants best-suited to cold climes, the rich textures and subtle colors of conifers can also be enjoyed in the Southeast. Bradley Roberts, MFBG Lake City Horticulture [...]

Conifers of the Southeast2019-12-20T13:50:52-05:00

Gardening with a Purpose


Your garden may be nice to look at, but does it serve a function beyond aesthetics? Does it provide food and water for wildlife, shelter or a place to bear [...]

Gardening with a Purpose2019-12-20T13:48:03-05:00

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