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Art Masters


Taking inspiration from the great masters throughout the major art movements in history students will create their own art. This class will primarily focus on painting and multi-media techniques while [...]

Art Masters2019-12-06T10:50:26-05:00

Elements of Art


Line, color, shape, texture, form, value and space are the building blocks of all art. This class teaches the seven elements of making art through painting, drawing, & sculpting. This [...]

Elements of Art2019-12-06T10:47:36-05:00



A delightful class for children in 4K & 5K to explore art making while experimenting with new materials & techniques.  The focus is on the process & joy of creating.  [...]


Let’s Make Dog Toys


Participants in this craft will learn how to make a tug toy for dogs using t-shirts. These toys will go for treats for the pets of the participants, or as [...]

Let’s Make Dog Toys2019-12-06T17:19:51-05:00

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