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Wreath Wonderland


Tis’ the season to decorate! Add a fresh evergreen wreath to your home for the perfect festive touch this season. With proper care it can last for months! In this [...]

Wreath Wonderland2019-12-20T14:05:19-05:00

Dental Access Days


The Florence Center will host Dental Access Days Thursday, Friday and Saturday (November 12-14). Dental care is either unavailable or an unaffordable luxury for many adults living in South Carolina. [...]

Dental Access Days2020-01-07T11:17:23-05:00

Cooking with Kids


Including children in meal preparation provides a host of benefits: It discourages “picky eating” by engaging all the senses; vocabulary, nutrition and math concepts naturally unfold; and it helps cooking [...]

Cooking with Kids2019-12-20T14:03:11-05:00

Visitor Information

Toll Free: (800) 325-9005
Phone: (843) 664-0330

Visitor Information Center
3290 W. Radio Drive
Florence Center Upper Level
Florence, SC 29501

Daily 9am – 5pm