Gardening with Grasses


Few plants can compare to ornamental grasses for nearly nonstop performance, strength and visual impact. That’s only a few of the reasons gardeners like growing them. They’re also tough, drought-tolerant [...]

Gardening with Grasses2019-06-14T07:17:57-04:00

Garden Open: Celebrate Fall


Fall has officially arrived and with its luxurious fall color. Verdant green foliage has become an array of russet and gold, and Mother Nature is teasing us with crisp temperatures. [...]

Garden Open: Celebrate Fall2019-01-15T10:54:40-04:00

Yin Yoga


Our Sacred Space Yoga is hosting a weekend training. Yin Yoga is quickly becoming one of the most influential styles of yoga in the world. A much-needed counterbalance to Vinyasa [...]

Yin Yoga2018-12-28T13:04:30-04:00

Aquatic Landscapes


Unlike water features that just have water with plants surrounding it, water gardens actually provide an environment that can sustain and promote plant life growth within it. A well-planted water [...]

Aquatic Landscapes2019-06-14T06:28:38-04:00

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