Florence County has many wonderful outdoor spaces, and the climate is superb .

Overall Weather: very temperate
Average temperature: winter in the 40s, summer in the high 80s and 90s
Warmest month: July
Coldest month: January
Average precipitation: 46.54 inches
Wettest month: August, avg. 5.33 inches of rainfall

The most beautiful time of the year is spring when azaleas are in full bloom. Florence’s recreation and natural gardens can be enjoyed year round, and if you take a trip to Timrod Park during the spring you’ll see hundreds of azaleas in various shades of pink, purple, and white.

Month Highs (F) Lows (F)
January 55 33
February 59 36
March 67 43
April 75 50
May 83 59
June 89 68
July 92 72
August 90 70
September 85 64
October 76 52
November 68 42
December 58 35

To complement the plentiful array of flowers are the many huge pines, live oaks, and magnolias that are commonly draped with Spanish moss. The City of Florence alone operates and maintains 16 neighborhood park sites.