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Young’s Premium Foods legacy dates back nearly to the 1920’s, when TB Young began growing in-shell pecans in the heart of the Carolinas. The Pee Dee region of SC is known for its rich soil and favorable climate and TB’s pecans were coveted for their size and texture. TB’s son, James, shelled pecans in the 1940s under the brand Young Pecan; he distributed Pee Dee pecans to grocery stores and it grew to become the world’s largest pecan shelling operation. Two decades later, they began selling pecans direct to consumers and Young’s Premium Foods was born.

They offer the biggest, best gourmet pecans in over sixteen delicious flavors. They also offer a variety of candies and baked goods such as pies, bread, cornbread, muffins and cookies. The Young’s Premium Foods store has become a destination in its own right!

Young’s Premium Foods
2005 Babar Lane
Florence, SC 29501
(843) 662-2452