Are you an ultimate outsider?

Being an Ultimate Outsider in Florence County means embracing the full spectrum of outdoor activities and natural beauty the region offers. From paddling down the Lynches River and exploring scenic biking trails to hiking through parks and camping under the stars, there’s always a new adventure to embark on. The county’s diverse landscapes provide a perfect backdrop for every outdoor enthusiast. Engaging with the local community through events, sports like pickleball, and family-friendly park activities enriches the Ultimate Outsider experience. This lifestyle is all about immersing oneself in the natural wonders of Florence County while enjoying its vibrant recreational opportunities.



Kayaking in Florence County includes paddling on the scenic, historical waters of the Lynches River. Surrounded by beautiful landscapes, the calm currents and picturesque views make it a perfect day trip for both novice and experienced kayakers. It’s an ideal spot for adventure or relaxation. Come paddle through history with us.

walking trails

Florence offers a variety of walking trails through parks and around the city, perfect for hikers of all levels to enjoy the region’s rich floral beauty. These trails are ideal for nature enthusiasts and casual walkers alike.

Bike Trails

bike trails

Bike trails like High Hill Creek Bike and Run Park offer diverse terrains for cyclists of all skill levels. Moreover, these well-maintained trails are perfect for exploring the area’s natural beauty and enjoying an invigorating outdoor adventure. The trails are also open to walkers and runners!

parks & playgrounds

The area parks and playgrounds are plentiful and well-equipped, offering excellent spaces for family picnics, sports, and outdoor play. With modern amenities and green spaces, they are perfect for relaxation and family fun. Have you tried the new obstacle course yet?

Parks and Playgrounds


Pickleball is growing in popularity, with parks and recreation centers offering well-maintained courts for all ages. The active local community welcomes players for casual play and competitive matches. Stay tuned for updates on new facilities opening soon!


Camping offers a tranquil escape into nature, with sites available at local parks and campgrounds, complete with essential amenities and beautiful surroundings. Additionally, whether you prefer tent camping or RV setups, Florence provides a variety of options for an enjoyable outdoor adventure.