Interior of Town Hall Restaurant in Florence, SC

Eat Like a Local

Dining in Florence

You have to eat right? Might as well eat well. Florence has hundreds of great restaurants. Whether you’re in the mood for some good old-fashioned southern barbecue, or a wide selection of tapas, there are plenty of choices. Southern specialties include fried chicken and fried okra, and great desserts such as pecan pie and cake-in-a-jar.

In Florence County, residents embrace new and old restaurants, especially locally owned. Around here, a meal isn’t just to nourish the body; it’s to enjoy the company we’re with, as well as our roots. So grab your family or friends to try out our local favorites.

Let’s Go Nuts

Explore The SC Pecan Trail

Started officially in 2017, the S. C. Pecan Trail highlights local restaurants and businesses that display pecans in food, crafts, and more. Following the trail through Florence County will be the tastiest trek you’ve ever made. From downtown Florence to the heart of Lake City, the South Carolina Pecan Trail offers a little something for everyone. 

It doesn't get any nuttier than this on the SC Pecan Trail

Local Favorites

Downtown Florence

From gelato to upscale dining, tea rooms to rooftop cocktails, you will find something you love in Downtown Florence.

eat in Downtown Florence

Breakfast Spots

There’s no better way to start your day than on a full belly. These restaurants can help make sure that happens in the tastiest of ways.

eat breakfast in Florence, SC

BBQ Southern Style

One of the biggest brags living in the south you can have is about your BBQ. Sample as many as possible while you’re here.

eat bbq in Florence, SC

Betsy Hannan

Group Tour Favorite Eats

Group Tours enjoy adding local restaurants to their itineraries. Red Bone Alley is very accommodating to groups. Visitors love the unique decor in the dining areas. Shrimp and grits is always a favorite dish. Victor’s, located downtown, is more than happy to put on a requested buffet that meets everyone’s dietary needs. At Julia Belle’s you are greeted with that famous Southern Hospitality, followed by a great locally sourced southern dish. And no one leaves without having a sweet dessert. Seminar Brewery is a fun place to dine, drink their home crafted beers, and do some axe-throwing.

Heather Keffer, Marketing and Communications Manager

Heather Keffer

My Favorite Wing Spots

A favorite lunch spot to grab the best wings in Florence County is definitely Apple Annie’s Deli & Pub. Located at 1720 W Palmetto Street in Florence, Apple Annie’s is a local must try for lunch. If the weather is beautiful, grab a spot on the deck and relax for a bit.